Spring Home Improvements

With more and more of us now currently working from home due to national lockdown restrictions, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish a fine line between work and home. With make shift desks set up in spare rooms and Zoom meetings becoming the norm on a daily basis, the work from home lifestyle is the somewhat unwanted trend that over the past year has swept the nation.

That’s why here at Grand Illusions, we believe that adapting your living space to ensure you have restful areas in which you can switch off in and leave behind the working day, is now more important than ever.

As spring creeps up on us and we slowly gain more day light hours, now is the perfect time to reinvent our interiors and focus on making our homes the calm and happy yet functional and aesthetically pleasing havens we desire.

Our brand new spring/summer collection contains everything you need to transform your living space. From the small additions such as the candle holders, tableware, and picture frames, to the larger investments like the mirrors, textiles, and furniture, no matter what room or space you have in mind, our modern vintage range of lifestyle pieces are guaranteed to add a rustic yet fresh and on-trend touch to your home.

It’s important to ensure our living spaces reflect our personality and also radiate happiness, as we are sure that over the past year, having spent so much time at home, everyone has come to appreciate the spaces in which they live in.

Making subtle changes such as adding a cosy rug to your room or introducing some brightly patterned soft furnishings to your interior, will help to spruce up dull and minimalistic spaces whilst also ensuring that comfort is at the forefront of your decisions! These less permanent additions are perfect if you haven’t quite made up your mind on where you want to place them and providing your home has a similar theme throughout, you can move items around until you’ve found the perfect space to display them.

Embellishing a mantelpiece with a few new candle holders or pillar candles will bring a cosy glow to your room in the evenings or mixed with some of our charming tableware, dainty glassware, and table linen collection that includes matching tablecloths, napkins, and seat pads, you can create stunning table settings for the well overdue dinner parties that we are all longing for!

When it comes to furniture, our new collection includes everything from tables and chairs to storage units and shelving, so whether you’re after a new bedside table, stylish storage for your office or you’re thinking of adorning your living room with a chic new armchair, our brand new range has everything you need to give each and every room in your home a mood-enhancing boost.

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