Mirror, mirror, on the wall who is the fairest of them all? With a Grand Illusions mirror, the answer will always be you. Have a mirror on your wall that even the most modest person will have their vanity called to with one of our gold mirrors. A white mirror that’s as pristine as your looks in the reflection. Need to check that your outfit works from top to toe? We have you covered with our full-length mirrors to give you the full picture. Our makeup mirror will provide you with a closer view of your look when it matters most.

Try adding a wall mirror to create the illusion of space and distance using a window mirror that will have guest asking when you got the extension. Need to check your reflection on the way out the door? How about our round mirror or oval mirror perfect for any hallway? Whether it’s a bathroom mirror or an industrial mirror you’re after, you can find it in our extensive range.

Mirrors truly are the epitome of illusion. A grand illusion, if you like! Use them anywhere in your home to create the illusion of more space or light. Not only practical, these mirrors and frames are undeniably stylish and would look at home in a traditional, French chateau or an inner-city, modern apartment. The best illusion of all? All of our mirrors and frames are affordable and expertly crafted to imitate one-off, vintage classics, ensuring value for money and enviable style.

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  1. Round-Top Mirror Antique Grey
    Round-Top Mirror Antique Grey
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