Carafe & Glass Set Green


This green glass carafe and glass set, made from recycled glass, is a sophisticated and functional piece that adds a pop of colour to any room decor. Featuring a modern square design, this set is carefully crafted with beautiful curves and edges. The carafe stands at 22.5cm in height, making it a sizable piece for storing your favourite beverage. The matching glass stands at 9cm in height, fitting snugly over the top of the carafe to keep the contents fresh. Its smaller size also adds to its elegant, compact design.

Made from premium, organically sourced green glass, this carafe and glass set is durable and resilient, ensuring a long-lasting, stunning piece. It adds an understated elegance and unique style to your décor, particularly perfect for bedroom use. It could also serve as a lovely housewarming or wedding gift.

This set not only promotes eco-friendliness with its organic material, but also exhibits practicality with its comprehensive design. Whether you’re enjoying a good book before bedtime with a drink by your side or just adding to your home décor, this organic green glass carafe and glass set is an excellent choice. The capacity of the carafe is approx. 1 Ltr.

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