Vintage Paint Tips and Tricks

The following Vintage Paint tips and tricks videos are designed to inspire and remove the mystery of upcycling furniture. As you will discover the possibilities using our Vintage Paint chalk paint and sundries are endless. These demonstrations will give you paint techniques to confidently create beautiful pieces, whether you’re designing a fabric creation or simply giving an old piece of furniture a touch of TLC.  Our versatile paint is quick drying, packed with natural pigments and designed to be thick and creamy like double cream, making this chalky paint easy to use!  Inspired by milk paint from the eighteenth century our Vintage Paint has an amazing 46% chalk content, the highest chalk paint that we know of on the market. If you would like to get anymore tips & tricks, you can order a copy of our Paint Vintage Book.

Nick demonstrates the best preparation techniques to use on your furniture prior to painting with our chalk paint, ensuring a beautiful finish that will stand the test of time. Upcycling is an exciting way to breathe new life into your furniture. To achieve flawless results, follow these handy furniture upcycling tips guaranteeing high quality results.


Are you confused how to distress furniture? Upcycling furniture needn’t be time consuming or difficult. In this video Nick demonstrates how to use simple paint techniques to upcycle your furniture. By painting directly onto old painted or varnished furniture using our chalky paint a tired piece of furniture can be completely transformed.  You will discover the French technique ‘two colour ageing’, where you’ll see the old base colour subtly coming through the new top layer of chalky paint, giving an effective antique finish. Nick will reveal tricks of the trade and guide you through your furniture renovation to ensure your finished piece is a triumph.

This quick one-minute DIY video demonstrates that if you’re short for time you can easily create effective storage solutions on a shoestring budget using our chalk paint.  With 36 colours to choose, ranging from chalk paint white to beautiful Nordic blue you won’t be short for inspiration.

Our Vintage Paint isn’t just for upcycling but can be used for a variety of projects. This quick video shows the perfect gift solution for a toddler.  Let your creativity flow and design and decorate your own tent using our versatile chalky paint that has a whopping 46% chalk!  Our quick drying paint is perfect to use on fabric and with a wide range of colours to choose from you won’t be stuck for inspiration.  The perfect birthday or Christmas present which will delight the little one in your life this DIY video shows that gifting needn’t be expensive, all that’s required is a little bit of imagination!


Our chalk paint isn’t just to transform old furniture, there are other imaginative ways you can create an inspired vibe in your home using our chalk paint. In this short video we demonstrate how to create a table runner using stencils, cloth and our chalky paint.

Today we are much more aware of repurposing old items than we were a decade ago.  Thankfully as a nation we’re much more aware of our carbon footprint and we try to recycle and upcycle where we can which is not only good for the environment but a cost-effective way of furnishing your home. In this video Nick demonstrates the transformation of a sideboard, found at the local dump giving it a second life. Using our water based stain and shellac sealant to prepare the damaged sideboard prior to painting Nick demonstrates how easy it is to totally transform your old furniture whilst still leaving a delightful antique finish.