For the past month we’ve been busily posting our images almost every day on Instagram and to be honest, we’re all getting slowly addicted…

Just in case you didn’t know, Instagram is fast becoming the social media of choice for our type of industry. This I suppose is pretty logical when you consider that we are part of a very image conscious business where mood and atmosphere play an important role in giving our products soul.

By posting not just our products, but snippets of our everyday lives, our travels, the things that inspire us – we build a much deeper profile for the brand – I suspect that’s called ‘brand personality’ in marketing language. For us though, it’s just an extension of our core attitude to business we’ve had throughout the past thirty years – we’ve always held the heartfelt belief that the way we work needs to be personable. Customer service needs to be friendly and treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself, is the benchmark.

Blue glasses


Outbuilding by a lake

Sharing is very much part of the social media culture. By re-posting an image, you spread the word to your followers and then they do the same – slowly but surely, your fan base will widen. Linking your posts to your website makes it easier for the viewer to ‘shop’ if that was your objective. These two aspects are essential to growing your business and it is proven time and time again that this works.

We’d love it if you joined our group of followers and we’d love to see what you’re posting too!

Painted wooden table and chairs

Scottish Highland Stag

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See you there.