Over the past few weeks there have been the sure signs of Spring approaching – our woodland garden is packed with random clumps of Primroses and Daffodils where they have self-seeded due to the frequent off-shore breezes.  Most have survived the heavy rainfall and the large hailstones we’ve had this week although, sadly, the emerging blossom was not quite so lucky.  Cue the Bluebells to appear sometime soon we hope.

On a brighter note, I saw the shop windows from one of our favourite stockists Attic Home (they’re all our favourites really…) when they posted them recently.  To capture the moment, they had filled the window with a heady mix of their antique-style pieces and loads of faux-flowers – it was fresh and beautiful and just reminded how far we’ve come in the ever-lasting flower-world.  The quality and realism can be quite superb and, to be honest, show-stopping.

White paeony on table

Of course, there is nothing to diminish the sheer beauty of fresh flowers but I would suggest that it is no longer frowned upon to give and receive a beautiful hand-tie of stems or a stunning plant that is entirely artificial.  It is quite remarkable that these days it can be almost impossible to tell the difference between faux or the real thing and this probably accounts for why sales of faux-fleurs are growing more and more. Thankfully, we work with some of the very best in the industry and prices are reasonable.

White stone pots

Baby hortensia plant in pot

So with Mother’s Day and Easter close at hand, why not take a fresh look at an everlasting bloom – you could be in for a very nice surprise. 

Faux plant with candle and linen