Zinc Flower Pots

A garden that doesn’t have garden planters or garden pots can at times, feel a little bare. If you would like plant pots as unique as the flowers growing inside them, our zinc planters and square planters are just the ticket. Not only do we have traditional zinc charm in our range, we also have planters with sculpted physique, beautiful in their organic nature providing a more intricate style.

Grey flower pots resemble the sky on the brink of a rainstorm and will perfectly contrast any bright colour that illuminates from their centre and complimented perfectly by green foliage. Tall planters project a distinguished visage of flowers. A natural landscape is ever-changing so add some stability and height with outdoor plant pots. Our indoor pots will make themselves right at home in any room.

Set Descending Direction
  1. Zinc Pitcher
    Zinc Pitcher
    Zinc Pitcher
  2. Zinc Rope Hanging Tray
    Zinc Rope Hanging Tray
  3. Maroc Wall Planter
    Maroc Wall Planter
  4. Zinc Twin Pot with Handle
    Zinc Twin Pot with Handle
  5. Zinc Mini Bucket 10x9cm
    Zinc Mini Bucket 10x9cm
  6. Zinc Jug
    Zinc Jug
    Zinc Jug
Set Descending Direction