Unusual Things to Paint

Posted on May 29, 2019

In these austere times, it is no secret that upcycling is huge. They say “They don’t make things like they used to”, which is true to some degree, and there will be treasures to be found in your garage, shed, under the stairs, in your parent’s house or even at the local recycling centre that can be made infinitely more useful.

We found a number of random things that, with very little effort to prepare, have scrubbed up rather well. Never ones to miss an opportunity to show off our wonderful Vintage Paint, we hope you like the ‘pieces’ that we have created that may serve as some inspiration..

1. Vase

We rescued this pretty little vase with its intricate detailing from a heap and with a lick of Gustavian it has been given a new lease of life.

Upcycled Vase Upcycled Vase

2. Lampshade

We’ve transformed this very plain lampshade with our Zinc colour and think it makes a perfect egg holder. That said, holding 3 dozen eggs, you had better be hungry!

Painted Lampshade Painted Lampshade

3. Mirror in woven frame

With an interesting naturally coloured water hyacinth frame, the temptation was too much not to rescue and transform it with our coastal Summerhaus blue. Now it’s fit for any bathroom.

Painted Rattan Mirror Painted Rattan Mirror

4. Wok

This might not be your first thought for upcycling an old wok but planted up with some kitchen classics, this rather uninteresting piece of kitchenware has been innovatively repurposed.

Upcycled Wok Upcycled Wok

5. Wire Basket

A design classic, this wire basket was on the verge of being consigned to the dump. A quick run over with a wire brush to remove the worst of the rust, two coats of Gull’s Egg has turned this basket around.

Painted Metal Basket Painted Metal Basket

If you want more inspiration...


If you’re lucky enough to own a piano then it’s highly likely to look dark, polished and very brown. Ghastly. Breathe life back into it with our chalk based Vintage Paint and create a spectacular feature for your home. With space at a premium, people are literally giving pianos away right now. After a quick retune and a tin of paint, you could have a real talking point on your hands.

Vinyl records
Despite vinyl coming back into fashion in this digital age, there are plenty of old records to be found and when painted, Voila! … a charming placemat.

Tree stumps
Aged by weather, a gnarled old stump can easily be made into a thing of beauty by painting all bar the exposed rings, giving wonderful contrast. If cleverly levelled off, you create an exceptional occasional table.

These glassware goliaths are super easy to find and are so attractive with a splash of colour poured on the inside of the jar. Just remember to pour out your sloe gin first!

Egg shells are just crying out to be painted and look divine finished in our chalky paint. So why not turn your hen eggs into a fabulous display but it might be prudent to hard boil them first!

If you’ve read this far then I’m sure you will have flair and creativity in spades and we’d love to hear from you to see your upcycled treasures.