To Pastures New

Posted on May 29, 2019

Last week was very exciting for all of us here at Grand Illusions, having finally relocated to a new office (okay, okay, it’s less than 200 yards up the farm track) but it’s still new.

It was way back at the end of March that we managed to move all warehouse operations – and rather a lot of stock, dear reader - in just one week and during the annual stock take (gluttons for punishment I hear you say..) and, ever since, the office team have been eagerly waiting the go ahead to move into their shiny new offices at the same location so that the family is all under one roof.  A lack of phone lines prevented us making the final leap until last week but that’s all finally resolved and now we’re in full swing.

This got us thinking.  What makes a good office?  Well, we Google’d “Google”, whose offices often hit the headlines for being cutting edge and the results are in..

Does Suzanne have a slide to get from the rest area to the photocopier?  No, but we do have a new scissor lift to get from Bay 2.1 to Bay 2.5, which Jordan thinks is just as fun.

Does David have a putting green or manicured gardens to relax in?  Not quite, but we’re in the middle of the beautiful Dorset countryside, which Rose thinks isn’t half bad.

Does Nick have a working area littered with sofas?  No, but we have just placed an order for some absolutely stunning occasional chairs, which we’re all really excited about showing off, following the success of our first foray into this sector.

We may not be Google but you can search our website and hopefully you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Incredibly, it’s now December and after the big man with the white beard has made all his deliveries (no, Nick isn’t our seasonal ‘man in a van’..) we have another show just around the corner – Top Drawer, January 17th- 19th at London Olympia.  Nick & David have spent the last few months pacing the planet to bring you a whole raft of new lines to unveil next month and we just know they will blow you away.