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Posted on May 29, 2019

This is the Victory Hall in the picturesque village of Chelsworth in Suffolk. A truly beautiful place if ever there was one..

David and I came here this week to teach the next batch of enthusiastic new Paint Stockists, all about the joys of selling, using and in time, teaching all about our beautiful Vintage Paint. They came from all over East Anglia and one lovely lady, Jill, drove all the way down from Yorkshire. We had a great day as usual and this pretty Village Hall was the perfect venue.

The day starts with a brief history of the paint, then we do a series of practical exercises to experience the different stages and options for achieving a distinctly vintage look to your painted piece. After a brief halt for lunch, everyone gets a large wooden tray to paint and practice their newly found skills. In fairness, a lot of stockists already paint furniture but it is surprising how we can all learn something new each and every day if we’re prepared to listen.  It’s great fun and everyone goes home happy and inspired.

Incredibly, we now have over 150 stockists all across the country and we have plenty of areas still available. If you’re a consumer reading this piece, do check the site for your nearest stockist and sign up for a course today. As many customers still tell me some twenty five years later - 'it’ll change your life!’

Special thanks to Linda and John from A G Lifestyle in Sudbury (one of our top stockists) who helped us organise the course in Chelsworth.