Only 220 Days to Go...

Posted on May 29, 2019

We’re just back from London where we were showing some of our stockists a sneak preview of our Christmas Decorations for next season. I know, I know.. if you’re reading this as a consumer, you’re now going, ‘OMG! He used the ‘C’ word and we’re still in May!’. However, it is a fact that on the trade side of the equation, the buying season does start earlier and earlier every year.

Did you know for example that many Garden Centres start buying their decorations almost one year ahead? And even back in the dark old days of our early retail experience, we were practically forced to buy our baubles in the same manner – mind you, in those days daarling things were a little different, as there was really only one good source and as a consequence, every January you’d be making the annual pilgrimage to the depths of South-East London to place your order. How things were to change..

Christmas Baubles Christmas Baubles

Last year we ran out of our Christmas selection very early on and had to disappoint many customers. Anxious not to see a repeat of that this year, we have expanded the range considerably and ordered up to three times as many pieces. Rather thrillingly, the new collection met with universal acclaim and we couldn’t be happier.

We’ve also just launched a new range of French style wooden Table Lamps that also went down a storm – and these are so hot off the press, that we haven’t photographed them properly for the website yet – so do give us a few days and we’ll get them loaded as soon as we can. We’ll blog again when they’re ready..

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