Are you ready for Christmas?

Posted on March 2, 2020

When do we need to start planning?

There are certain dates in the annual diary that mark the beginning of a new Season.  For many of us celebrating Halloween and bonfire night means that it’s finally acceptable to start planning for Christmas.  Giving it even a cursory thought beforehand seems premature and unnecessary and, let’s face it, life is busy enough and keeping our noses above water is a daily battle so why start to worry about Christmas before we absolutely need to!  

It’s particularly stressful if you have the wonderful task of hosting. Those little festive sprigs delicately tucked into each napkin don’t just miraculously appear, the pigs in blankets don’t wrap themselves, the Christmas tree doesn’t decorate itself and the never-ending list of Christmas presents to plan for, buy, wrap and deliver actually takes time and frankly the list goes on and on and on, and it can be daunting.

 But let’s try and remember what it’s all about

Despite all this, Christmas is still the most magical time of the year.  Local high streets and towns that may have had a slow summer come alive at Christmas.  Festive lights hang from shop to shop with their imaginative shop window displays, Christmas fairs pop up everywhere, mulled wine is constantly simmering, carols are sung and churches shout Christmas from the roof tops with candles a’burning, festive foliage a’hanging and the nativity story being played out across the country with innocent excitement.  The children’s uninhibited delight when they wake to find that Father Christmas has (thank goodness) visited and Rudolf even took a nibble of the carrot that you left out, all help to make Christmas worth all of the stress that goes with it.

Little and often

This is easier said than done but keep Christmas manageable by chipping away at it. Start thinking about those stocking fillers now and keep your eyes open for any Christmas decorations that inspire you.  By trying to plan, even just a little will mean you will get to enjoy the magic that goes with it. And don’t forget it doesn’t need to be perfect, if you forget those pretty sprigs in the napkins or you find those pigs in blankets are still in the fridge at the end of Christmas lunch it really doesn’t matter, you’ll find an appetite tomorrow!